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Startzapp aims to reduce food waste derived from agricultural production. Many farmers have to give up selling their products because of unfair contracts, aesthetic imperfections of the produce, or because of a disparity between sales and collection prices. It is time for a change. Through our web and mobile application, local farmers will be visible to nearby consumers and will have the freedom of setting their own sales prices.

What We Do

We are starting a revolution in how you'll perceive and consume fresh farmer produce

For Farmers

Startzapp allows you to show and sell your products directly on our platform, without the participation of intermediaries or large distributors. You choose the price of your products. You drive your business.

For Customers

Whether you're part of a family and want to save money on shopping or you simply want a healthier lifestyle, Startzapp can help you achieve all this by offering you fresh, zero-mile, and affordable products.


Our events are when and where you can use your hands to pick your products directly from the farmer. You can see where the produce you eat comes from and how it is grown. During our events you will socialize and share the pleasure of eating healthy with other people.

Future Food

The greater mission of our company is to revolutionize the way in which food waste and consumption are addressed and perceived within local communities for the better. We will progressively shape the future of food consumption, be sure to keep an eye on us.

Our Team

Meet the people that makes Startzapp a reality

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Davide Rezzonico
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Antonio Mironi
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Jacopo Magni
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Alessandro Piola
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Nicola Piccolo
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Fabio Lucchini

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